Welcome to WR Publishing

As a relatively young publishing company WR Publishing completely focuses on open access publishing. We believe that accessing scientific knowledge should be possible for everyone in the world. It shouldn’t matter who you are, where you’re from and if your institution is willing or able to subscribe for expensively paid journals. That’s why all the publications we’re hosting and will host in the future are freely available to readers.

Also as an author you will benefit from this: As your work will be published under CC BY licence, you can easily share your work via ReseachGate, LinkedIn and other platforms – more or less without any restrictions from our side. This is not only a matter of presenting yourself. As open access research work is easy to access for anyone, it is easy for others to cite. And as we assign a DOI to your work, this will make it even easier.

As we founded WR Publishing in 2020, we’re currently about to launch our first journal. In the future we also plan to host scientific conferences. Furthermore we offer scientific advisory for companies.

The journals we host will be listed under Journals. Scientific conferences hosted by WR Publishing you will be able to find under Conferences. To get more information on our scientific advisory services for companies click Scientific Advisory.